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We are pleased to present these wonderful creations by Angela Sutter. Angela lives and works in Switzerland. This year marks her 24th anniversary of her foray into dollmaking. She was influenced by the European artist pioneers, including Hildegard Gunzel, Annette Himstedt and Sabine Esche, as well as traditional dolls from Lenci and Sasha Morgenthaler. But like some artists of her generation, as she developed her own style, she found the characters that most interested her lay outside the traditional realm of European doll design.

A doll of Angela Sutter begins with an idea that bounces around for some time, inspired by all kinds of objects and images. "When I actually start in the studio, and dive into the different materials, tools and fabrics, I feel completely in my element, and forget the world around me. When I finally can present my completed work and see how much joy I can offer with my dolls, it's a great reward." Sutter has never been interested in the typical doll - with nice silk clothes, bows and so on. What interests her are ethnic children, especially children living in the street. "With my dolls, I hope to contribute a little bit to the way one thinks about the hard fate of children in distant countries. The children living in the streets often have a certain melancholy in their eyes because they don't have the same tasks and opportunities that most other European children do, and still they are children: they play, they are satisfied." Angela Sutter's dolls invoke the stoic charm and innocent lustre of children who find moments of peace and joy within even the toughest of situations, and explore the cultural heritage that makes every life worth living. While the face sculpts are similar - each doll is unique and a true treasure.

As we acquire her wonderful creations - we will post them here. All of the dolls listed below - were brought into our shop - and sold by us or are here now. We give a free stand with the dolls as well as free shipping.

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Saphira - SOLD

Amber - SOLD

Miley - SOLD

Innocentia - SOLD

Christel - SOLD

Tosca - SOLD

Treasure - SOLD

Amelie - SOLD

Hanna - SOLD

Rose - SOLD

Giorgino - SOLD

Annelotte - SOLD

Liz - SOLD

Audrey - SOLD

Vania - SOLD

Bessy - SOLD

Leonora - SOLD

Treasure - SOLD

Ellen - SOLD

Arlene - SOLD

Fannouche - SOLD

Polly - SOLD

Ariela - SOLD

Nahla - SOLD

Michael - SOLD

Cheryl - SOLD

Corrie - SOLD

Fanny - SOLD

Olga - SOLD

Nadia - SOLD

Caprice - SOLD

Emma - SOLD

Alisa - SOLD

Floriane - SOLD

Teresa - SOLD

Rikky - SOLD

Svenja - SOLD

Charleen - SOLD

Serena - SOLD

Annerose - SOLD

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