Soom Onyx - SD - Customized by Cristy Stone

I sent Cristy my Soom Onyx to do a new face up and body blushing as well as create the special outfit she's wearing in the photos below - and the OOAK Mohair wig.

Soom dolls are lovely - well constructed - and my Onyx just needed Cristy's special touch to complete her look. If you don't have a Soom - then don't miss this one.

Here are her dimensions:

- Overall Height : 65 cm
- Eye size : 14mm
- Wig size : 10 inch
- Head Circumference : 22cm
- Neck Circumference : 10cm
- Chest Circumference : 27cm
- Shoulder Width : 10.5cm
- Bottom Circumference : 17cm
- Arm Length : 20cm
- Wrist Circumference : 6cm
- Hip Length : 28cm
- Thigh Circumference : 15.5cm
- Leg Length : 33cm
- Ankle Circumference : 7.5cm
- Feet Length : 7cm

Onyx is now sold.

Photos below taken by me. I added the Monique Gold Collection Real Leather Ankle Strap shoes.

Contact us to purchase her. Laways can be arranged. We also accept PayPal as well as credit cards directly.

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